The mountain within

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

This famous quote from the man who first reached the top of Mount Everest was also the title of the blog of the young group of mountain climbers from Tanjong Katong Primary School. This was a great tragedy that touched the hearts of many Singaporeans, but it should also inspire us.

1) Challenge yourself. These young students pushed themselves to conquer a mountain. They stretched beyond their comfort zones. The truth is that a challenge seems hardest before we attempt it at all. When you take no action, there is no progress. One step is 100% more than no steps. 

2) Don’t go alone. Find the right support you need. Look for mentors, bosses and friends who are willing to challenge your present outlook. Seek out communities that are willing to encourage you to go further. 

3) Change your perspective. A mountain is an opportunity or it is an obstacle. One is to be relished and one to just get through. One you will grow, the other you will only groan. 

We often don’t appreciate enough the tough situations we face. It may be a difficult assignment or a horrible boss. When we face these mountains, the one who grows is ourselves because we have conquered ourselves and progressed forward in life.

Be inspired!


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