Bouncing Back From Failure

Have you ever experienced setbacks or failures in life? I’m sure we all have. But how can we change our perspective to see setbacks as setups for future success? Come for our next seminar on 26 August, 1230pm to 130pm to find out!
About The Seminar

Since young, we study hard in order to succeed in life. But what happens when we meet unexpected failure?

Eugene Seah had a smooth-sailing life, and won the prestigious SGX scholarship. After working for 14 years, he faced an unexpected roadblock which made him feel like a failure. From a senior executive in a multinational investment bank, he became nobody overnight, and began to struggle financially.

Fast forward three years, and he is now living his dream, travelling around the world to speak, train and coach.

What happened within these three years? What are the lessons that can be gleaned from his experience? What practical steps can one take to bounce back from failure?

Don’t miss this thought-provoking and inspiring talk.

About The Speaker

Eugene Seah is the founder of Trainium Academy, and one of Singapore’s most engaging, entertaining and effective trainers specialising in personal branding, sales and leadership. He has been interviewed by various media including TV, radio and the newspapers for his insightful views.

Eugene has over 15 years of experience in Leadership, Marketing, Communications and Personal Branding. Having worked many years in multinationals and managed teams across Asia Pacific, he has a strong grasp of cultural differences and how to leverage on individual strengths to project powerful impressions.

In the past two decades, Eugene has won several awards recognising his communication and leadership skills, and has often been invited to speak at major events and conferences, recently appearing on Channel 5’s Talking Pointas a panelist. Eugene has an Honours degree in Communications and is passionate in coaching others to communicate effectively. To find out more about Eugene, please visit:

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