The Key To Work Fulfilment

Many people wish for a happier workplace but only a few find it. And that is usually because most are chasing after the wrong things. If you are committed to giving yourself a better life which you deserve, learn 3 key life principles and see a breakthrough in your working life. Many turning points take place at events where people receive a fresh insight and make credible connections – May this event be such a one for you.

About The Speaker 
WITHOUT having the advantages of growing up in a wealthy family or studying in tops schools or having friends in high places, Mr David Lee has still enjoyed a highly satisfying journey in the workplace that many would long for. After resigning from his position as a Group GM of a Holdings company with businesses in Travel, F&B, Maritime and Education, he has since been the Founder of a few start ups, a panelist evaluator for SPRING ACE grant and the President of the Association of Professional Trainers. He is also a mentor to entrepreneurs and managers, and have spoken to and trained tens of thousand of people in 7 countries.


  • 21 October, 1230pm
  • TPI Building, level 5, 62 Cecil Street
  • Complimentary tickets available here

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