Sharpen Your X-Factors!

 Following from the success of our last session, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding our first ever evening seminar on 21 August at 730pm. 

About the Event

We share many things in common in life.We breathe the same Singapore air,eat a common range of calories, and start out in life with similar basic opportunities, etc…

Yet lives can turn out very differently! Are there ingredients that spice up ordinary and mundane lives to make a difference? Do you know where you are headed? What are you doing that is right? Is something missing? Three, five, ten, twenty or thirty years later when you look back, would you have done it differently?

Come and hear Benjamin Foo share passionately about some “X Factors” that can make a big difference. Schools and corporations mostly don’t teach it. It’s not some intellectual facts, but practical steps that can help you stand out over time. You may be doing some of it. If so, let him add even more empowering fire to what you do. And walk out inspired, encouraged and determined!

About the Speaker

Benjamin Foo, is an entrepreneur-investor and author of iPOSSIBLE! How to Achieve Success Faster in Whatever You Do: Turning Impossibilities to Possibilities. iPOSSIBLE is a book that inspires readers with new perspectives and practical strategy and steps to reach their fullest possibilities. He seeks to engage youth and young adults and help change people’s future, drawing on over 20 years building businesses, teams and people.

His experience spans from starting new businesses to playing a key role previously as executive vice president at the Singapore Exchange. He successfully pioneered the SGX AsiaClear business, the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific and a market leader. Prior to that, he was Executive Director at Phillip GNI Futures Pte Ltd and Vice President at the Singapore International Monetary Exchange. He began his career as an Assistant Superintendent of Customs and Excise.

While achieving business objectives, Benjamin also built strong, cohesive and highly-motivated teams. His passion for talent and people development caused him to mentor, coach and empower colleagues from new graduates and young scholars to senior managers.He has been also an engaging speaker at business and industry events in the US, Europe and Asia. He holds an MBA in marketing and finance and is a Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

To register for a complimentary seat please click here.


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