Think Like A Boss


RJQ5YA1291If you are doing or about to do your year-end performance reviews, this is a great session to attend on 11 Dec, 1230pm.

We often think we are doing the right stuff at work only to find out too late that the boss had something else in mind. Come for this if you know what I’m talking about!

About the Event

“What do bosses look for when considering you for promotion to the next level?”

“How good are you?”

“Will I get the same answer if I ask your peers, bosses and those in your team … How good is he?”

Inspire Network is privileged to have experienced senior banker Mr Raymond Lim bring you into the mind of the boss and show you what he looks for when considering someone for promotion.


1220: Registration & Bring-Your-Own Lunch
1230: Welcome & Introduction
1235: Winning Attitude @Work
1305: Q&A
1315: Networking
1330: Close

About Our Speaker

Raymond Lim has more than 30 years experience in the Financial industry. In the last 23 years, he was a senior level Vice President of Citibank NA.

He built the credit card business for Citibank Singapore, developed the Citiphone banking platform and revamped the branch sales force to focus on wealth management products.

He was the Country Business Manager (CBM) of Citibank Philippines during the 1998 Asian Financial crisis. He later became the CBM of Citi Handlowy where he merged the consumer banking business of Citibank with Bank Handlowy of Poland.

Raymond spent 2 years in Citi’s European Region Office before taking on the position of CBM Turkey. His last foreign assignment was in China, where he was Deputy President for Consumer Banking of Guangdong Development Bank (now known as China Guangfa Bank).

Raymond retired from Citi in April 2011 and is now pursuing his personal interests. He is Chairman and Elder of Church of Singapore Balestier and is active in ministry.

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Superhero Someday – Thank You!

It was another great session, with Captain Budi sharing his heart and story. Many of the attendees stayed on to chat with him and some are even planning to visit Roslin Orphange! So a big thank you to everyone who came! For more information about Captain Budi’s work please visit their website

Superhero Someday

“Heroes are just ordinary people who do extraordinary things”

“Veteran SIA pilot moonlights as father to over 70 orphans” – that is an unlikely thing to hear about a successful pilot from one of the top airlines in the world. A 1999 news report on the dire situation in West Timor inspired the Captain Budi, a veteran SIA pilot, and his wife to take action. Since then, the Roslin Orphanage was birthed, where heroCaptain and his wife aims to provide orphans with warmth, love and a safe environment to live in.

In 2009, Captain Budi was simultaneously named CNN’s Top Ten Heroes as well as Channel News Asia’s Asian of the Year for his humanitarian works in West Timor. Come be inspired and challenged as Captain Budi shares stories of Extraordinary in Ordinary and how you can bring out the hero within you.

Check out the following links for more information on Captain Budi and his inspiring work:

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Sharpen Your X-Factors!

 Following from the success of our last session, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding our first ever evening seminar on 21 August at 730pm. 

About the Event

We share many things in common in life.We breathe the same Singapore air,eat a common range of calories, and start out in life with similar basic opportunities, etc…

Yet lives can turn out very differently! Are there ingredients that spice up ordinary and mundane lives to make a difference? Do you know where you are headed? What are you doing that is right? Is something missing? Three, five, ten, twenty or thirty years later when you look back, would you have done it differently?

Come and hear Benjamin Foo share passionately about some “X Factors” that can make a big difference. Schools and corporations mostly don’t teach it. It’s not some intellectual facts, but practical steps that can help you stand out over time. You may be doing some of it. If so, let him add even more empowering fire to what you do. And walk out inspired, encouraged and determined!

About the Speaker

Benjamin Foo, is an entrepreneur-investor and author of iPOSSIBLE! How to Achieve Success Faster in Whatever You Do: Turning Impossibilities to Possibilities. iPOSSIBLE is a book that inspires readers with new perspectives and practical strategy and steps to reach their fullest possibilities. He seeks to engage youth and young adults and help change people’s future, drawing on over 20 years building businesses, teams and people.

His experience spans from starting new businesses to playing a key role previously as executive vice president at the Singapore Exchange. He successfully pioneered the SGX AsiaClear business, the first of its kind in Asia-Pacific and a market leader. Prior to that, he was Executive Director at Phillip GNI Futures Pte Ltd and Vice President at the Singapore International Monetary Exchange. He began his career as an Assistant Superintendent of Customs and Excise.

While achieving business objectives, Benjamin also built strong, cohesive and highly-motivated teams. His passion for talent and people development caused him to mentor, coach and empower colleagues from new graduates and young scholars to senior managers.He has been also an engaging speaker at business and industry events in the US, Europe and Asia. He holds an MBA in marketing and finance and is a Member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

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Give to Grow


We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. ~ Winston Churchill

One of the reasons why we are dissatisfied with our working lives is because we’ve built our career around what we can get, rather than what we can give. 

This may seem counterintuitive given that the reason we work is mainly to earn an income but research has shown that we are happier when we give

So if you aren’t feeling fulfilled in your current role, consider how you can find opportunities in the 9 to 6 to give to people around you, whether it be advice to a new colleague, buying a friend lunch or even participating in (or organizing) CSR activities.

Alternatively consider how you can build “giving” aspects into your role profile. It could be taking up coaching assignments for new staff, volunteering (rather than being “volunteered”) for work projects or taking the initiative to find opportunities to improve the work environment for your team.

We were design to give and learning to go with that will help to increase fulfillment in your work life. 

Be inspired!

The mountain within

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

This famous quote from the man who first reached the top of Mount Everest was also the title of the blog of the young group of mountain climbers from Tanjong Katong Primary School. This was a great tragedy that touched the hearts of many Singaporeans, but it should also inspire us.

1) Challenge yourself. These young students pushed themselves to conquer a mountain. They stretched beyond their comfort zones. The truth is that a challenge seems hardest before we attempt it at all. When you take no action, there is no progress. One step is 100% more than no steps. 

2) Don’t go alone. Find the right support you need. Look for mentors, bosses and friends who are willing to challenge your present outlook. Seek out communities that are willing to encourage you to go further. 

3) Change your perspective. A mountain is an opportunity or it is an obstacle. One is to be relished and one to just get through. One you will grow, the other you will only groan. 

We often don’t appreciate enough the tough situations we face. It may be a difficult assignment or a horrible boss. When we face these mountains, the one who grows is ourselves because we have conquered ourselves and progressed forward in life.

Be inspired!

Keep 26 June free!

Join us at 1230pm for our next edition of our free lunch-time talks, titled “Climbing the right ladders”


About The Event

Whether you’re a business owner, corporate executive or stay-at-home parent, everyone wants to get ahead and succeed. Everyone wants to climb the ladder – just different ones. There’s nothing wrong with that. We should put our best to all our endeavors, otherwise why bother? But how do we tell which ladders we need to climb to get ahead in our career and in life? Climbing ladders is hard work, and we don’t want to get to the top of the ladder, only to realize we’ve been clambering up the wrong one! Come and join in a frank, honest sharing of the stages of a personal journey that starts with self-reflection and self-improvement, transitions into a realization of the importance of looking beyond yourself, and finally understanding that it’s absolutely true that you can do well, and do good.

About The Speaker

Mr Glenn Seah is the Senior Vice President and Head of Compliance at the Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX), an integrated exchange, clearing house and depository offering trading, clearing, settlement and depository services for Asian and international financial and commodities products. Mr Seah is responsible for driving the exchange’s compliance with local and international regulations and best practices across the globe. He joined SGX in February 2012 from Standard Chartered Bank, where he was Regional Head, Wholesale Bank Compliance in Singapore and South-East Asia, covering corporate banking products from transaction banking to financial markets, corporate finance and private equity, and overseeing wholesale bank compliance in several Asia-Pacific countries. Mr Seah was also a Deputy Public Prosecutor and State Counsel with the Attorney-General’s Chambers for several years, covering a broad spectrum of criminal law, including trial and appellate work, cross-border mutual legal assistance and the revision of Singapore’s criminal laws and procedures.

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