Everything Changes


What happens when we step out of our personal bubble and see things from a less self-centred perspective? Everything changes. Hear from Robyn, a participant at our recent event with The Love-Aid Project who shared her thoughts after an informative session and an experiential stroll at Macpherson estate.

“The Macpherson estate is one of the many places that I frequent with my family growing up, where I remember many fond childhood memories of eating along the long stretch of hawker stalls that is pretty well-known for its cheap and awesome food. All these years, I never gave much thoughts to the rows of flats that stood right across the road, given the fact that hdb flats like them can be found all across the island. What struck my family though are the vintage and retro appeal of the flats’ exteriors – once we even crossed the road just to take some family portraits in front of the pretty red tiles.

The session with Love-Aid Project was an eye opening experience, which revealed to me a side of macpherson, and even of Singapore, that I never knew existed. It has never crossed my mind that people could be living in such dismal conditions in Singapore, and that so many sad stories are happening within (&even without) the pretty red tiled walls that were once the only thing that I remember macpherson for (other than food).

The session has certainly made me realise how my own petty thoughts pale in comparison to the pains of reality that these people (esp the kids) are made to confront on a daily basis. It is a stark reminder to dissolve my own bubbles of ignorance, and realise there’s so much more to life than just my own. It inspired me that i want to be bigger and larger than my own life. Im still figuring out where &how to, but im just thinking maybe the Love-Aid Project is the place to start 🙂

Visit The Love-Aid Project to find out more. Want to join us for our next session? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @inspirenetworksg for more updates.


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